Can I take a phone call while my headphones are connected to the TV streamer?

Yes. If your headphones are connected to your phone and you receive a phone call, you will hear your phone ring in your headphones. This is because your mobile phone is the 'dominant device' and will override the TV streamer. 

To accept this call, press the middle 'multi-function' button on your left ear cup or accept it on your mobile phone.

To deny this call, you will need to decline on your mobile phone or let the call ring out. 

If you are watching television and do not want to risk your phone ringing in your headphones, we recommend temporarily turning off the Bluetooth on your mobile phone so it will not ring. This can typically be done by 'swiping up or down' or via your phone settings. Your headphones will automatically reconnect when your mobile Bluetooth is turned back on. Alternately, you can decline any call as above.