How are my headphones personalised for me?

Audeara headphones use a health-check algorithm to tailor sound to your unique hearing profile.

Personalisation means you won't need to have the volume as loud, because everything will be clearer. You'll experience improved speech clarity and quality of sound when personalisation has been applied.

The combination of active noise cancelling (ANC) and personalisation means you can use the Audeara headphones for phone calls, video calls, watching television, and listening to music.

How to personalise your headphones

You can tailor your listening experience using the Audeara smart phone app in just three simple steps.

  1. Download the smart phone app from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple) to take a simple hearing health check
  2. Use your results to tailor your Audeara headphones to your individual hearing profile
  3. Once you have completed your hearing check and selected 'personalise', your hearing profile is uploaded into the software of the headphones. This means that whatever device you are connected to, the sound coming through your headphones will be tailored to your hearing profile.

Your headphones will remain tailored to your hearing profile until you either upload another user profile or update your hearing check using the app.