How do I make the headphones larger or smaller?

Audeara headphones can be reshaped to fit your head more comfortably.

Follow the steps below to re-shape your headphones without causing them any damage.

  1. Grip the top headband in the middle and pull down each ear cup until each armature
    is fully extended
  2. Place your hands at the top of each armature clip. Do not grip the armature clips that are attached to the ear cups
  3. To make the headphones smaller, pinch the armature clips together and hold for as long as you feel comfortable
  4. To make the headphones larger, pull the armature clips apart. Remember, do not grip the armature clips attached to the ear cups
  5. Repeat as necessary.

Note: re-shaping your headphones may take several attempts to get the correct comfort and fit for your head.