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I am having issues with the Bluetooth connection

There are several reasons why your headphones may be struggling to connect with your device. The most common reason is something interrupting the signal between the headphones and device. 

The Audeara headphones can be connected to a maximum of two Bluetooth devices at one time (e.g. your phone and TV streamer). However, it can be helpful to remove or turn the bluetooth on other devices off, particularly while attempting to pair your headphones. 

If you are having issues with the bluetooth connection, try the following tips.

Remove the headphones from your device

Resetting the pairing list on your Headphones will wipe all connections from all the devices it was previously connected to. Follow the steps below to reset the pairing list on your headphones:

  1. Turn on your headphones
  2. Ensure there is no audio coming through the headphones
    I.e. It is not currently connected to any device that is streaming to the headphones. Eg.  TV Streamer or phone
  3. Simultaneously hold down the ‘+’ and ‘-’  (top and bottom) buttons on the left cup of the headphones for 7 seconds, until you see the blue power light flash purple
  4. You will hear the headphones say ‘Power Off’ and the LED on the right earcup will stop flashing
  5. Turn the headphones Off and back On again
  6. You will now hear the headphones say ‘Power On’ followed by the pairing tone. The LED will also flash Red and Blue indicating that the headphones’ pairing list has been reset
  7. You can now connect to any device of your choosing.

Complete a soft reset on your headphones

Plug the headphones into the USB charging cable for 10 seconds, then turn them back on.

Complete a hard reset on your headphones

  1. On your headphones, hold down both the volume up and volume down buttons together for 3 seconds (+ and -) until the LED light stops flashing and turns a purple colour
  2. The LED will then turn off
  3. Turn your headphones off and on again and they will be back in pairing mode (Blue/Red flashing LED) and ready to connect again. 

Make sure you're in range of your device

The range from your device to your Audeara Headphones is approximately 30 ft or 10 metres. Keep in mind that obstacles like thick walls and other signal emitting devices may further affect the range. 


If you are still experiencing issues with your Bluetooth connection, please contact our support team.