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Is Audeara compatible with Cochlear Implants and Hearing Aids?

Audeara headphones are not a medical device. Audeara headphones can be worn over cochlear implant processors and with or without hearing aids. The comfortable over-ear cup completely covers the ear and is suitable for wearing over longer periods of time.

We recommend visiting your hearing health professional to try the headphones with and without your hearing aids, to check what works best for you.


If you have a hearing aid/s or cochlear implant/s (or one of each), it's important that the ear cup is placed over the microphone/sound processor rather than just your ear. 

Make sure there is sufficient space between the microphone of the hearing aid and the top of the ear cup. 


Work with your audiologist or try personalising the headphones to your unique hearing profile with and without your hearing aid to see what level of personalisation is best for you.

Try playing your favourite song into the headphones and explore all of the programs, including Telecoil if applicable, to determine your preferred sound clarity and crispness.