My headphones are connected to my TV, and are at max volume, but the sound is low.

How to adjust your TV settings to enhance your listening experience, and increase the volume through your headphones.

To determine if the low volume is only in relation to your TV, firstly check to see if the volume can be increased on other devices ie. use your phone to listen to music or talk on the phone and/or connect to your computer using your headphones. 

If the volume only appears to be too low when using your TV, the problem can normally be fixed by checking the audio settings on your TV.

1. Each TV is different, however the first step is to check your audio settings. On your TV, navigate to settings or device preferences.

2. From here find the sound/audio settings.

3. Look for the sound mode/style. Examples of mode/style could include 'cinema mode', 'concert mode', 'arena mode', 'sport mode' etc. Try selecting a different mode to see if this makes a difference to the volume coming into your headphones. 

If this adjustment doesn't make a difference to your headphones volume, try contacting your TV manufacturer for further assistance.