What's the testing and fitting range of Audeara headphones?

Audeara headphones can be programmed using the Audeara smart phone app, the AudAssist iOS app or AudAssist Desktop (PC) software for clinicians.

The Audeara mobile app tests between -10dBHL and 60dBHL across frequencies 125Hz - 12,500Hz. Losses outside of this range are considered in Audeara's unique algorithm that works to balance the sound.

The AudAssist iOS app and AudAssist Desktop software can test hearing profiles up to 80 dBHL.

◼️ Consumer app limit
◻️ AudAssist limit


Audeara's patented technology makes our headphones a great option for all hearing abilities. For those with severe to profound hearing loss, Audeara's headphones may be trialled in combination with your client's hearing aids. We recommend completing the check with and without the hearing aids to see which gets the best result.