Using the BT-01 Transceiver transmit function

The BT-01 Transceiver can be used to transmit audio from a TV to the Audeara headphones.

  1. Plug the transceiver into a power source using usb cable. Newer televisions will have a USB port that you can plug the transceiver into. Otherwise you can plug it in to the wall using a standard USB wall charger.
  2. Connect the transceiver using an optical cable or AUX cable.
    1. Connect using the optical cable
      Connect one end into the ‘digital audio out’ port on your television and the other end into the ‘optical audio in’ on the transceiver. For the highest sound quality, we recommend using the digital optical cable provided. If your television does not have a digital optical port, you can use the standard 3.5mm audio cable (AUX cable) provided
    2. Connect using the AUX cable
      Plug one end of the cable into the ‘audio out’ or ‘headphone’ port on the back of the television. Plug the other end into the ‘audio in’ port on the transceiver
  3. Switch the transceiver into ‘transmit mode’. This is done by putting the switch on the back to ‘tx’ mode
  4. Pair your headphones with the transceiver
    1. On the headphones, hold the multi function button (the middle button on the left ear cup) down for three seconds, until the LED light flashes red and blue
    2. On the transceiver, hold the switch on the front of the transceiver towards the Bluetooth symbol until the LED light also flashes red and blue. This means it is in pairing mode
    3. After a few seconds, the LED lights on both devices will change to blue. This means your headphones are connected to the transceiver
  5. After connecting your headphones, the front switch must be on either AUX (audio cable) or OPT (optical cable). This switch selection will depend on what cable is being used. When the transceiver is in optical mode, the LED light will be blue. When the transceiver is in AUX mode, the LED light will be green.

If you want to use the BT-01 Transceiver to 'receive' a Bluetooth Signal, the steps can be found here.