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Express Fit

There are two ways to upload a hearing profile from AudAssist to the client’s A-02 Headphones. There is an Express Fit option or you can step through the Fitting Wizard to provide a full service experience to your clients.

Watch the video below to learn how to use the ‘Express Fit’ option which is the quickest way to fit a client’s hearing profile to their A-02 Headphones. The Express Fit option allows you to bypass the ‘Fitting’ and ‘Fitting demonstration’ steps in the Fitting Wizard.

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Once the fitting has been created within AudAssist (whether you have imported from file
or created the fit manually) there are two options to upload the fitting to the headphones:

Fitting Wizard

This option provides additional steps to provide a full service experience to your clients. The Fitting Wizard includes a ‘Fitting’ step which allows for additional fitting settings to be applied to the A-02 Headphones, as well as a ‘Fitting demonstration’ step allowing you to configure the headphones for demonstration to the client.

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CROS Fitting instructions

Learn how to apply a CROS Fitting to the A-02 Headphones using the AudAssist Fitting Wizard.

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Demonstrate A-02 Headphones

The ‘Fitting Demonstration’ available in the AudAssist Fitting Wizard allows you to demonstrate the benefits of Audeara personalisation to your client.

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