How to pair a second headphone to the (BT02) TV streamer

Have a second pair of A02 headphones? Follow the steps below to pair two A02 headphones to the one TV streamer.

  1. Turn off the headphones currently connected to the TV streamer.
  2. Ensure the streamer is powered and the screen turns on.
  3. Hold down the ‘B’ button on the streamer for 3 seconds.
    1. The screen will now say “Searching…”
  4. Put the second pair of headphones into pairing mode by holding down the middle button on the left ear cup, until the light flashes red and blue.
  5. Once the headphone is in pairing mode, the streamer will discover it and the name will come up on its screen.
  6. Using the ‘A’ button to navigate up and ‘B’ button to navigate down, highlight the device you would like to connect to on the screen.
  7. Once the device’s name is highlighted, use the multifunction button (middle button on the TV streamer) to select the highlighted device.
  8. The streamer will now connect to the selected device.
  9. Follow the instructions in the user guide to ensure that the TV streamer is set up correctly in either Analog or Digital mode.
  10. Turn on the first set of A02 headphones.
  11. You should now be able to hear audio streaming through both the connected headphones.