Personalising Audeara headphones for health professionals

Audeara headphones can be personalised using AudAssist Desktop software or the Audeara smart phone app, available on Google Play or the App Store

AudAssist is a computer application developed by audiologists, for audiologists. AudAssist allows direct entry of an existing audiogram into the headphones. It's ideal for clients who do not have a smartphone, or are unable to perform their hearing check through the Audeara smart phone app. Get in touch with us to learn more about AudAssist Desktop.



My client is 39, works in IT and is doing zoom meetings for 5 hours a day on three different computers. She has a moderate loss in one ear, so I programmed the headphones while she was wearing her one hearing aid. She rang me and raved about how great they were. 

She's been struggling with one aid for online meetings. The main thing she is thrilled about is that she can Bluetooth into whatever device she is using without having to pair and unpair one device at a time (which is the issue with current hearing aids for direct streaming), AND that she can hear them without a huge cognitive load when attending meetings all day online"

- Jeanie