How to personalise your headphones using the Audeara Companion App

The Audeara Companion App is designed to seamlessly complement your Audeara products, taking your audio experience to new heights.

Download the Audeara Companion App from Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store. Open the app and then follow the prompts to connect to your Audeara Headphones via Bluetooth.


A: Name of connected headphones

B: Turn personalisation on/off easily from home screen

C: Headphone settings

Headphones Settings

D: Re-name the connected Audeara headphones to easily find them in a Bluetooth connection list.

E: Check which firmware version is uploaded in the connected Audeara headphones. Firmware updates will be available here to upload if required.

F: ‘Update headphone settings’ will upload and save your settings to your Audeara headphones.

Hearing Profile

There are two ways to create a Hearing Profile: 

G: Perform a Hearing Check

H: Manually input Audiogram

Perform a Hearing Check

Note: You will be prompted to perform the Hearing Check in a quiet environment.

I: This section shows which ear and which frequency is being checked.

J: Spin the dial to adjust the volume until you barely hear the tone.

K: Progress through the Hearing Check easily.

Manually input Audiogram

L: Simply scroll through and input the data from an existing audiogram for each frequency and each ear.


1. Create account / Sign in
Create an account to ensure you can access your hearing profile/s over time.

2. My Data
If you want to request a copy of your data and/or request we delete your data, you can choose to do so here.

3. Device Setup
Step by step tutorials to set up your Audeara devices. Includes "TV Streamer Setup" – this step by step guide will help your clients get connected quickly and on their way to enjoying their favourite TV show in no time.

4. Sync with Apple Health (This feature is only available on Apple iPhone)
If you’d like to, can choose to share your hearing profile to Apple Health.

5. Support
Access Audeara’s Support Centre where you can find support articles, or easily contact the Audeara Support Team for help.

6. Feedback
Share your thoughts and suggestions directly through the app to help us continue improving your experience.

7. Rate Audeara
Leave a review/rating in the app store to provide public feedback to us and other users.

8. Terms & Conditions
Access the Audeara Companion App’s legal terms and conditions.